Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today, Lasagne!!

Ahhh, wonderful lasagne. These noodles -by Rizopia -are great, and I don't cook them ahead of time. Just build the lasagne with the hard noodles, and make sure you use LOTS of sauce... I made two this afternoon (standing by, and just about to go into the oven).
The great thing about lasagne for me is that is never the same way twice. Oh sure, you may start out with intentions and ingredients to match your last batch, or you may intentionally arm yourself with gruyere instead of parmesan. And throw in some peppers. Then add a pesto layer. Or mix in some homemade (pure veggie) soup with your meat sauce.  Anything goes!
This time I used ground chicken instead of beef, to accommodate my 14 year old daughter who no longer eats red meat (delicious!), stirred pesto into my ricotta, and added a sauteed spinach and mushroom layer, and of course, homemade tomato sauce.

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